Support comes in many different forms; updating Content Management Systems (CMS), managing e-commerce systems or developing new features for existing websites.

Existing Websites

Sometimes, and for a variety of reasons, you lose contact with your existing web developer. routeToWeb can help and assist you with your existing site, whether it is large databased driven website, lead generation site or a smaller brochure site. We are happy help and advise. Give us a call on 01733 270872 and find out how we can contribute to your existing site’s success.


Databases such as MySQL, MariaDB and Microsoft SQL are worked with on a regular basis.

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Perch & Joomla! Hosting

WordPress is the world’s most common Content Management System (CMS) and we host many websites built using this system.

Perch is great to add to an existing HTML website.

Joomla! is also popular and can in some instances be a better choice as it often has more robust third-party modules to add to the site.

Peace Of Mind For Your WordPress Website

Protect your WordPress install

WordPress is constantly being updated and it is important that your install is kept up-to-date, however that can often be daunting to the website owner and they are often worried about clicking the wrong button or just, somehow, causing more damage than it’s worth. Take the stress out of managing these sites and let routeToWeb check your install and update any core code or plugins that need to be updated. We will even organise the back up of the site and do any other routine maintenance that’s required.

> Read more on our dedicated WordPress page.