Cyber security

Occasionally websites get hacked. That is somebody with malicious intent breaks into your website and steels the personal data from it, or they install malware, software intentionally designed to cause damage.

Loss of sales & reputation

A hacked website loses sales, it loses customer confidence, it loses you that reputation that you have spent an age building up.

We can help

routeToWeb has helped clean several infected websites. From removing malware that redirects the visitor to dodgy sites, malware that installs a virus on the visitor’s computer and malware that uses the server to relay spam messages.

What to do if your suspect your site is hacked or vulnerable

If your website is hacked, and we hope it doesn’t, get in contact on +44 (0)1733 270872 and we’ll do our best to get you back on your feet with them minimal of fuss and bother.

Future protection

One-way hackers gain access to your website is through venerabilities in outdated code. Many website owners fail to ensure their website is regularly monitored. routeToWeb offers monthly priority maintenance packages to ensure your website is kept up to date to reduce the chances of vulnerable code being present.